La Cevicheria

La Cevicheria is located just around the corner from the upscale Santa Clara Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia and in the center of all the hustle and bustle of the Centro Historico. Walking alone through the streets of a new country alone, especially one as marred by underworld tragedy as this

Bougie Basics at Bvlgari

The new Bvlgari Hotel just opened replete with breathtaking views and high ceilings to wow us during this holiday season. Walking into the hotel foyer, a massive evergreen stands a couple stories high. You take the elevator up to the 47th floor to enter a design marvel. What you get

Cafe Gray Deluxe: Dope. Drop. Da. Mic.

Cafe Gray Deluxe Belongs to a Hong Kong Hotel Group slash conglomerate of luxury restaurants called The Middle House and here in Shanghai dubbed “The House Collective”. This particular establishment is nestled in the Jing’an area of Shanghai, a specifically affluent and although bustling, quiet and clean area in one

Bougie Bund Views at Mercato

Want a killer bund view without the price tag? Mercato stands the test of time among culinary giants that have to push for premium real estate spaces overlooking Zhongshan Dong Lu, and Pudong’s famous skyline. In such a breathtaking dining space, Mercato doesn’t pale in comparison either. The dining room

Once upon a time in Tibet

  I ventured to Tibet in November of 2015. The timing was all wrong, but when my best friend in Shanghai invited me, I couldn’t refuse.  This trip marked Rachel’s fourth time in Tibet, and my first. Everyone warned me about two things: the cold and the difficulty in breathing.

Face sliders from Liquid Laundry

Liquid Laundry Shanghai

Liquid Laundry is a foodie haven standout amongst Shanghai’s over-crowded options for “pseudo” good-eats. Think of that moment when you walk into a brasserie with a great view and you ask a question, to which the waiter offers a blank stare. It kills me every time. Luckily, Liquid Laundry is

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Vietnam gives a viable option for cheap travel in the South East region of Asia. Limited to currently traveling during Chinese holidays, it is slim pickings for my travel choices, as the Chinese love to travel, and do so all at once. This causes the immense crowds to move from

Shenzhen to Hong Kong by public transport

Many people’s preferred route on crossing the border from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China into Hong Kong is by public transport. I undertook this route myself, in order to save about 1,000 RMB in airfare, and also to witness first hand the crowds of Chinese, who cross back and forth in order

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

It was the nice weather this past week in Chicago that, by default, got me thinking of the beach. Last year at around this time I had just left Cambodia’s amazing Siem Reap region replete with World Heritage eye candy- the Angkor Complex of temples. After hanging out a few

House Rules at the Violet Hour

The Violet Hour Chicago

Need a high caliber drink to wash down all those bad memories of subpar pseudo lounges springing up around Chicago as of late? An inconspicuous door leads the way. A tried and true Chicago favorite, speakeasy inspired The Violet Hour stands the test of time. Planning on frequenting this place

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