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Perhaps one of the biggest things I miss most from living in Chicago is the tiny little rituals I created for myself since I moved into the city when I was 19 from the West suburbs. Moving from the corner of Grand and State in 2009 to Huron and Wabash, I managed to find really solid go to lounges within the small gold coast/ river North parameter. One of these places I’ve ritualized and attended regularly was Pops for ChampagneCharcuterie and cheese plate at Pops tooting a menu with hundreds of quality champagnes and wines. A food enthusiast, Pops also kept my interest by changing their menu seasonally sometimes having fresh-shucked oysters with savory and sour garnishes, and always a decent array of fresh cheeses. Their charcuterie plate paired with a few cheeses suits an indecisive pallet on a Friday night with a nice bottle of bubbly to wash it all down. My ultimate guilty pleasure? Their frothy peach foam bellini with sparkling rosé topped off with a fresh raspberry. For anyone with a sweet tooth, it’s a safe way to go since some of their drinks can cater toward a more experienced drinker with a taste for slightly bitter aperitifs. Appropriate for a nice night out to catch up with an old friend from out of town, or an intimate first date. Some nights they have a live jazz band playing and a hidden jazz lounge in the basement to transition into a later night if need be.

What are some of you personal favorites? Check this place out and let me know if it’s still got it!

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  1. misskelseyo says:

    Great review! I have always wanted to go here! I think I will! :]

    • Thank you! I suggest going during the week to get a good feel for it first. Weekends can get a little too crowded (a lot of tourists) and hard to find a seat, so the waiters are too busy to be attentive or talk to you about their awesome selections, which is one of the great things about this place. The servers are knowledgeable and often times have an interesting insider story to share about the champagnes’ origins. Happy tasting!

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