The Ledbury London

The Ledbury’s chef Brett Graham and sous chef Greg Austin truly hold their own against the backdrop of London culinary heavyweights. I could summarize my experience here with a plain two words, “mmmmmmmhhhmmmm”, and “wow,” but I won’t. From the simple yet innovative presentation, to the flavors in every dish, this place truly blew me away. Having done Gordon Ramsey London (a 3 star Michelin slot) a couples of months earlier and found some issues with it, this two star gem had me question my decision to come here. Needless to say, as soon as I walked in I could tell this restaurant knew what they were doing. Choosing the tasting menu, taking in the whole scene, its high ceilings, quiet but not stuffy environment, and comfortable chairs, I was able to relax. The dishes came in a timely manner and started with the above dish of salmon foam adorned with roe as an amuse-bouche. An avid sucker for anything prim and pretty, the look of every dish inspired my conversations a long time after the end of this meal. I’d recommend this jewel in Notting Hill to anyone who is stopping in London for a special treat, and can only pick one of the many great options out there. I had to make a reservation for about two months before an opening presented itself. It’s that special. The whole experience made me promise myself to come back if ever the opportunity presented itself. From the food, to the presentation, to the service, not a thing that I could suggest would make this place better. Made me wonder how Gordon Ramsey kept three stars, while this place had only two. A must taste in my book! Click on the photos above to see them in their fully glory.

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