Skybar Bangkok

Sky bar Bangkok

Sky Bar Bangkok

Bangkok view at sunset

Bangkok night view

Made famous perhaps by The Hangover II, Sky Bar atop The Dome at State Tower in Bangkok makes you feel like a star. And I’m not only talking Rihanna and an entourage on a Friday night, but literally a super nova burning at its brightest right before its about to extinguish in the galaxy, star. One of the highest bars in Bangkok, its advantages encompass sipping at such great heights, insanely magnificent views, beautiful people, and a share in the glory for merely the price of an average drink in any other metropolis (~$12). Admittedly, the amount of tourists this places brings in, takes a bit away from the sensory magic, but not enough to deter me from recommending it. If you enjoy beautiful views and feeling like you’re on top of the world a la Titanic style, then check this place out when you decide to do Bangkok. As part of my Birthday brat-quests, I insisted on climbing all the way up here to capture some shots, and lucky for me I did so right at sunset. The sweeping views on Bangkok’s scattered skyline make the whole production worth it, but make sure you dress somewhat appropriate (no beachwear). A dear friend of mine was denied entry for wearing flip-flops. And if you fancy yourself truly jet-setting, I dare you to check out their restaurant. Unfortunately for me, I had already scheduled dinner afterwards, otherwise, I would have paid the premium for that view alone.    The Dome at State Tower BangkokThe bar at Sky bar Bangkok View Bangkok by night

4 Replies to “Skybar Bangkok”

  1. Ana Ivetth says:

    Amazing view!!!

  2. Larry says:

    What a magnificent view. Must check it out if I’m ever in Bangkok!

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