GT Fish and Oyster Chicago

Looking to feel like a fat cat millionaire on a Tuesday night? Head over to GT Fish and Oyster in Chicago where they have oysters for half the standard price. Their menu consists of fresh oysters as their specialty, grouped by west or east coast of the US and hence consistency and flavor. Not a seafood eating pro? GT Fish and Oyster No need to fear, the knowledgeable staff are happy to detail the flavor spectrums and recommend something according to your tastes. Their best-kept secret? Amazing fish tacos sprinkled with chicharron (which is just fancy talk for sizzling pork skin). Even if you love fish tacos, throw all your old expectations aside as these tacos easily surpass anything you’ve ever even wafted in West coast Cali. It’s a nice ambience too. Step in for brunch on the weekends or in the early evening, and it’s sure to be filled to the brim with well-tailored men and well-healed ladies. Between the food and the people, this place soon became one of my favorite Chicago hangouts. It’s at its prime when you get a good group of friends to hang out, share some oysters, and a few cool drinks to top off an excellent week. Oh yeah, and I make sure to always order the fish tacos.

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  1. Ana Ivetth says:

    Sounds like the place for Jose and Richard.

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