Month: December 2012

Monkey Forest in Ubud

Tucked away in the central town of Ubud, on the island of Bali, the “Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary” houses Balinese Macaque who delight in swinging high up in the trees and all around you, performing for the audiences of people coming from near and far. Walking into the lush green

My humble travel beginnings

It’s important to consider the viability and some ins-and-outs of your impending travels.  I was first bitten by the traveling bug when I was 16 studying abroad in Italy. I was able to do this through the sponsorship of Rotary International. Never having spent more than a few months at

Patong Beach

You know those crazy wild nights Thailand is so famously slash infamously known for? Patong beach comprises one of its vivacious places of association. Loud, chaotic, and wild, please do proceed with caution. A shot or two of tequila may help too.  Patong beach in Phuket is where the wild

Phuket Thailand

Ever wondered what paradise looks like? I think I may have found it, nestled on the biggest island south of Thailand. Now if you’re an experienced globe-trotting world traveler, you’ve seen and done this, la-di-da-di-da, Phuket big whoop, been there done that, right? But if you have yet to get

Skybar Bangkok

Made famous perhaps by The Hangover II, Sky Bar atop The Dome at State Tower in Bangkok makes you feel like a star. And I’m not only talking Rihanna and an entourage on a Friday night, but literally a super nova burning at its brightest right before its about to

l’Elegance in Tianzifang (田子坊) Shanghai

Tianzifang or 田子坊 in Shanghai, China houses a tiny square of art shops and Western restaurants that makes for a quaint walk or relaxed drink in the early evening. It’s near the French concession neighborhood at around Taikang Lu and between Ruijin and Sinan Lu. Although I have eaten here

Gordon Ramsay London

Gordon Ramsay embodies fine cuisine, right? He is the pinnacle of culinary taste buds, right? To criticize his restaurants would be criminal, right? Well call me a criminal who dares to poke holes in the pinnacle assumption! Allow me to preface by saying that I probably know every Hell’s kitchen

Grand Palace Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok. The First time I went here was January of 2010 on an impromptu 5 day trip from Paris. Flying in from Chicago, I realized I had gotten in a week before classes began, and it was about 5 degrees below zero. I booked a ticket and flew over pretty

Chicago Architecture

For all architecture aficionados out there, the yearly Chicago Open House weekend suits you well. Firms and historically significant buildings open their doors for a weekend only, and talk to you about the greatest achievements fellow Chicagoans have accomplished in the dynamic skyline reaching modern heights. For example, did you

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