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Liquid Laundry Shanghai

Liquid Laundry is a foodie haven standout amongst Shanghai’s over-crowded options for “pseudo” good-eats. Think of that moment when you walk into a brasserie with a great view and you ask a question, to which the waiter offers a blank stare. It kills me every time.

Luckily, Liquid Laundry is not like that at all. It’s so popular that the first time I went, I managed to grab a dining seat, but all the other times have had to wait, or take a seat by the pizza brick oven. I won’t Snag a reservation in Shanghai unless something spectacular happens like the firewall momentarily flakes, and I get Instagram for a day. On all other days, cool should mean last minute ideas gone awesome.

The menu oozes such coolness that unless you’re a jetsetter or American, by default, you feel perplexed. It’s that detailed, and that aware of itself (but not in a gay way….) that it’s like a bit of American soil right in my own backyard. So it’s either here or the embassy, and I can’t seem to find mention of their dining options online. Go to Liquid Laundry if you want to impress a date on how much cool insider knowledge you have in Shanghai, or pretty much any time. Every daily special I’ve had so far has been worth it, and the brick oven pizzas aren’t too shabby either. The drink menu has kitschy cocktails like this bourbon based ‘paper planes’, angostra bitters many things, American alcohol based galore.https://instagram.com/p/0IaTuZSq5k/?taken-by=willworkforcouture

The crowd definitely screams “let’s see and be seen,” and I like it. So many pretty people, and well-dressed professionals, I’m taken back to my hey-day of Chicago trouble-making. Shout out to my hood-rat friends! I miss all you beautiful peeps!

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