Bougie Basics at Bvlgari


The new Bvlgari Hotel just opened replete with breathtaking views and high ceilings to wow us during this holiday season. Walking into the hotel foyer, a massive evergreen stands a couple stories high. You take the elevator up to the 47th floor to enter a design marvel. What you get is an almost 360 view of the bund. There are perfectly lined elegant fashion photographs draping the walls, and a candle lit glow that screams hygge.

Fashion Views

            A friend and I casually went on a rainy Thursday to sip a pricy bourbon and take in the view. Now is the perfect time to experience the tinsel and Christmas trees fill you with Christmas cheer. Walking around slowly, I was excited to notice the famed restaurant on the other side of the bar. I’ll definitely be coming back for the view and that food. 

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