AddieGood food, good drink, good fun. You name it, I’ll try it! Once, anyway. Jokingly, some of my closest friends call me A-D-D-ie too. The adventures and misadventures documented here, range from things I’ve eaten, seen, and experienced. Lucky enough to have lived in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and now China, I’d like to share some of my itineraries, hits and misses from all over the world.

As many friends have asked about my travels, perhaps some of these stories can help pin-point a new destination, favorite hot spot, or enjoyable eat next time you’re taking the world by storm. Born and raised in a Chicago suburb with a Puerto Rican father and Mexican mother, let’s just say I’ve grown up global. Used to the ambivalence and paradoxes that go hand in hand with ethnic ambiguity and constantly circling the globe, I say, if you want it, go for it! My undying mantra? Live out loud, and make it count. And as always, to all my friends brave enough to venture all the way here, my door and couch are always open! Check back soon and often for updates and answers to all your queries. Suggestions and questions are always welcome.

I’ve just completed a global media and communications masters at Fudan University in Shanghai, with a specialization in lifestyle journalism and luxury markets. Now working at a model management company, I’m adding to my high fashion and not so high fashion adventures. Always looking for a chance to add to my collection of far away places, delicious treats, and fun beats, stay tuned to read and exchange amusing stories!

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  1. Karin says:

    Hey Addie, Nice to meet you on Unawatuna Beach a week or so back. Nice to hear so much from a fellow traveling enthusiast. You definitely gave me some new ideas for the future. Hope to see a Sri Lanka post soon. Seems we both found it a mixed bag. Hope you and Nick had a good, safe journey up to Kandy, Sirigya, etc, and are enjoying the rest of your trip. Jonas and I are already back in cold cold Norway and back to work so a little jealous. Keep in touch.
    Karin (and Jonas)

    • Hi Karin! Glad to hear you made it safe back! Yes. Currently working toward writing about my Sri Lanka experience, so check back soon. Please do keep me posted on your travel endeavors!

  2. Joanna says:

    Addie! You said it, I’m showing up at your doorstep with my bags. No, but for real, really awesome blog! Continue to write about your experiences. You crack me up!

    • Joanna. You are surely welcome to, provided you let me know first. You can’t turn away family in the end! Thanks for the “crack me up” comment. I hope I do make you, and everyone else laugh too!

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