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What you Love

You know you got a good thing going when someone asks you to work on a Sunday at 9am and you exclaim, “Yes!” I’ve recently scored an awesome internship at the biggest mainland China based modeling company, where to put it politely, they don’t pay me diddly squat. Okay maybe

Celebrate Life

Anyone who knows me knows I love my birthday. Partly a Latin-American influence, and mostly my family’s sacred approach to this day, since I can remember my birthday always meant party, food, and fun. This year was no exception, and following suit with most Latin-Americans out there, I didn’t pass

Hammerhead hunting in Layang Layang

I have found a place where time stands absolutely still. At the bottom of the deep blue sea, just you and me, time becomes irrelevant and the earth stands still. The you of course alludes to my oxygen tank, fins, and mask while the me remains, well, me. The second

Dive Sipadan

If you love diving, then you must dive Sipadan, a small island off the coast of Malaysian Borneo whose claim to fame comes from its unique government enforced protection of the reefs and wildlife. Jacques Cousteau once said, “I have seen other places like Sipadan…45 years ago. Now we have

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