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La Cevicheria

La Cevicheria is located just around the corner from the upscale Santa Clara Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia and in the center of all the hustle and bustle of the Centro Historico. Walking alone through the streets of a new country alone, especially one as marred by underworld tragedy as this

Cafe Gray Deluxe: Dope. Drop. Da. Mic.

Cafe Gray Deluxe Belongs to a Hong Kong Hotel Group slash conglomerate of luxury restaurants called The Middle House and here in Shanghai dubbed “The House Collective”. This particular establishment is nestled in the Jing’an area of Shanghai, a specifically affluent and although bustling, quiet and clean area in one

Bougie Bund Views at Mercato

Want a killer bund view without the price tag? Mercato stands the test of time among culinary giants that have to push for premium real estate spaces overlooking Zhongshan Dong Lu, and Pudong’s famous skyline. In such a breathtaking dining space, Mercato doesn’t pale in comparison either. The dining room

Face sliders from Liquid Laundry

Liquid Laundry Shanghai

Liquid Laundry is a foodie haven standout amongst Shanghai’s over-crowded options for “pseudo” good-eats. Think of that moment when you walk into a brasserie with a great view and you ask a question, to which the waiter offers a blank stare. It kills me every time. Luckily, Liquid Laundry is

Hot Doug’s Chicago or Bust

In case you have 45 minutes to kill, and are feeling in a kitschy mood- grab a meal at Hot Doug’s, a true Chicago must-do! I went here a week or so ago, as I retraced my old Chi-Town stomping grounds. What I found a bit out the ways, northwest

The Commune Social Shanghai

The Social Commune’s clever drink names and understated décor make for a nice intimate night out with friends, with, as always, those caveats that remind you that after all this is still a restaurant located in China. What I didn’t know before, however, is that this place forms the most

Alinea Chicago

I first went to Alinea in Chicago for my birthday in 2009, and I loved the experience. From each course served to the service and wine selection, although I cannot remember exact details, I do remember being thoroughly impressed with the caliber of food and service. It certainly felt and

Grace Chicago

It pays to have friends in high places. And in the restaurant industry, even more so. For my birthday (February 12) this year I wanted to savor the adventurous inklings of none other than Curtis Duffy in his new venture Grace. This culinary inspiration is nestled in the very hip

Sea.Fire.Salt. Phuket

Sea. Fire. Salt. in Phuket at the Anantara villas cooks fresh seafood served up in the open-air lounge at the resort. Their cool gimmick is that they serve your grilled fish of choice on a block of Himalayan salt chiseled out of salt mines in brick size. The meal provided

Joel Robuchon London

A very last minute decision, l’Atelier Joel Robuchon in London, to say the least, was a mistake. From the moment I walked in the door, the coat check was nowhere to be found. After waiting for about 5 minutes for the attendant to show and take our coats, the hostess

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