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GT Fish and Oyster Chicago

Looking to feel like a fat cat millionaire on a Tuesday night? Head over to GT Fish and Oyster in Chicago where they have oysters for half the standard price. Their menu consists of fresh oysters as their specialty, grouped by west or east coast of the US and hence

Jake Melnick’s Chicago

If you’re a full-on American who loves buffalo wings, football, American brew, the fourth of July, and don’t feel the need to apologize, then you’ll LOVE Jake Melnick’s in Chicago! It sits on the corner of Huron and Superior, smack in the middle of the Gold Coast. Their menu ranges

Gordon Ramsay London

Gordon Ramsay embodies fine cuisine, right? He is the pinnacle of culinary taste buds, right? To criticize his restaurants would be criminal, right? Well call me a criminal who dares to poke holes in the pinnacle assumption! Allow me to preface by saying that I probably know every Hell’s kitchen

The Ledbury London

The Ledbury’s chef Brett Graham and sous chef Greg Austin truly hold their own against the backdrop of London culinary heavyweights. I could summarize my experience here with a plain two words, “mmmmmmmhhhmmmm”, and “wow,” but I won’t. From the simple yet innovative presentation, to the flavors in every dish,

Charlie Trotter’s Chicago

Before Charlie Trotter’s famed namesake restaurant came to an end in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood last year, I was lucky enough to taste his 10 course set menu with wine pairings. His wonderful selections came from France, Italy, Napa Valley and even Austria. Besides the eventful burst of flavor in

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