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Alinea Chicago

I first went to Alinea in Chicago for my birthday in 2009, and I loved the experience. From each course served to the service and wine selection, although I cannot remember exact details, I do remember being thoroughly impressed with the caliber of food and service. It certainly felt and

Grace Chicago

It pays to have friends in high places. And in the restaurant industry, even more so. For my birthday (February 12) this year I wanted to savor the adventurous inklings of none other than Curtis Duffy in his new venture Grace. This culinary inspiration is nestled in the very hip

Joel Robuchon London

A very last minute decision, l’Atelier Joel Robuchon in London, to say the least, was a mistake. From the moment I walked in the door, the coat check was nowhere to be found. After waiting for about 5 minutes for the attendant to show and take our coats, the hostess

Gordon Ramsay London

Gordon Ramsay embodies fine cuisine, right? He is the pinnacle of culinary taste buds, right? To criticize his restaurants would be criminal, right? Well call me a criminal who dares to poke holes in the pinnacle assumption! Allow me to preface by saying that I probably know every Hell’s kitchen

The Ledbury London

The Ledbury’s chef Brett Graham and sous chef Greg Austin truly hold their own against the backdrop of London culinary heavyweights. I could summarize my experience here with a plain two words, “mmmmmmmhhhmmmm”, and “wow,” but I won’t. From the simple yet innovative presentation, to the flavors in every dish,

Charlie Trotter’s Chicago

Before Charlie Trotter’s famed namesake restaurant came to an end in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood last year, I was lucky enough to taste his 10 course set menu with wine pairings. His wonderful selections came from France, Italy, Napa Valley and even Austria. Besides the eventful burst of flavor in

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