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Once upon a time in Tibet

  I ventured to Tibet in November of 2015. The timing was all wrong, but when my best friend in Shanghai invited me, I couldn’t refuse.  This trip marked Rachel’s fourth time in Tibet, and my first. Everyone warned me about two things: the cold and the difficulty in breathing.

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Vietnam gives a viable option for cheap travel in the South East region of Asia. Limited to currently traveling during Chinese holidays, it is slim pickings for my travel choices, as the Chinese love to travel, and do so all at once. This causes the immense crowds to move from

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

It was the nice weather this past week in Chicago that, by default, got me thinking of the beach. Last year at around this time I had just left Cambodia’s amazing Siem Reap region replete with World Heritage eye candy- the Angkor Complex of temples. After hanging out a few

Just near Outside Shanghai

Most anyone (even locals) can agree that it feels good to get out of Shanghai. Admittedly, I don’t do it often enough. Having just come back from Chicago, I can’t really complain, but before I left, well uuuggghh. Especially at that moment with work, play, and the impending deadline of

Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, like all touristically untapped destinations begs a lot of patience and planning in order to squeeze the most out of what it has to offer. It’s snuggled just below the Southeast coast of India and slightly Northeast of the famed paradise cove known as the Maldives. I visited

Goa for NYE

I wish I could say I loved Goa. It pains me to admit that maybe Goa cannot meet the standards of everyone’s absolute ideal of how a rockin’ NYE should pan out. True, maybe I did not put in as much effort to organize the festivities of an over the

Jaipur, Rajasthan

They say it’s the Paris of India, and call it the “pink city” for the red clay buildings inside its city gates. I happened to pick it for Christmas this year because I didn’t want to skip one of my only chances to spend NYE in Goa, living on this

Phuket Thailand

Ever wondered what paradise looks like? I think I may have found it, nestled on the biggest island south of Thailand. Now if you’re an experienced globe-trotting world traveler, you’ve seen and done this, la-di-da-di-da, Phuket big whoop, been there done that, right? But if you have yet to get

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok. The First time I went here was January of 2010 on an impromptu 5 day trip from Paris. Flying in from Chicago, I realized I had gotten in a week before classes began, and it was about 5 degrees below zero. I booked a ticket and flew over pretty

Malindi, Kenya

Atoll off the coast of Malindi in Kenya. One of the nicer experiences on the beach in Kenya’s Southern coast was a trip to this strip of land that only emerges with the afternoon tide. When we arrive the isle is still under water, as we set up the grills

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