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Shenzhen to Hong Kong by public transport

Many people’s preferred route on crossing the border from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China into Hong Kong is by public transport. I undertook this route myself, in order to save about 1,000 RMB in airfare, and also to witness first hand the crowds of Chinese, who cross back and forth in order

Schedule worthwhile tours in remote parts of the world (Logistics on Sri Lanka travel)

Although the majestic beauty of world heritage sites in Sri Lanka made my trip here worth it, the choice in tour service almost cancelled out its allure due to an antagonizing and unprofessional car hire. After shopping around for a driver at the B&B, the beach, and even by way

My humble travel beginnings

It’s important to consider the viability and some ins-and-outs of your impending travels.  I was first bitten by the traveling bug when I was 16 studying abroad in Italy. I was able to do this through the sponsorship of Rotary International. Never having spent more than a few months at

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