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Bougie Basics at Bvlgari

The new Bvlgari Hotel just opened replete with breathtaking views and high ceilings to wow us during this holiday season. Walking into the hotel foyer, a massive evergreen stands a couple stories high. You take the elevator up to the 47th floor to enter a design marvel. What you get

House Rules at the Violet Hour

The Violet Hour Chicago

Need a high caliber drink to wash down all those bad memories of subpar pseudo lounges springing up around Chicago as of late? An inconspicuous door leads the way. A tried and true Chicago favorite, speakeasy inspired The Violet Hour stands the test of time. Planning on frequenting this place

Club Cubana Goa, India

Club Cubana owned and run by expats around Anjuna beach area claims to sit at the highest point in Goa. Although these statements aren’t officially verified, it does happen to have a nice view from atop Goa and smooth ambiance with a sizable pool in the middle surrounded by white

On Queen’s Day

April not only begins with the day where you get to call home and tell your mom you’re pregnant, when for fear of causing a heart attack, shout out way too soon, “Aprils fools!” But, as recently discovered, it also ends on  the day when you can celebrate the Queen

Patong Beach

You know those crazy wild nights Thailand is so famously slash infamously known for? Patong beach comprises one of its vivacious places of association. Loud, chaotic, and wild, please do proceed with caution. A shot or two of tequila may help too.  Patong beach in Phuket is where the wild

Skybar Bangkok

Made famous perhaps by The Hangover II, Sky Bar atop The Dome at State Tower in Bangkok makes you feel like a star. And I’m not only talking Rihanna and an entourage on a Friday night, but literally a super nova burning at its brightest right before its about to

Pops for Champagne Chicago

Perhaps one of the biggest things I miss most from living in Chicago is the tiny little rituals I created for myself since I moved into the city when I was 19 from the West suburbs. Moving from the corner of Grand and State in 2009 to Huron and Wabash,

Haute spirits mixology

Another creative liquid culinary creation from aviary’s haute spirits mixologists. From Chicago to London, the speakeasy has crept up on the social scene. Admittedly, every one wants to pretend we’re living in the 1920’s. Luckily for us this trend pushes the strong pre prohibition preference for full body flavors of bourbon,

The Aviary Chicago

A flash frozen nitrogen concoction from Grant Acahtz zany liquid venture ‘Aviary’ in Chicago’s meat packing district/West loop neighborhood. This is a frozen lemon vodka cocktail with basil, cherry tomatoes and an edible lemon grass swivel stick to stir it to its final liquid conclusion. One could say a deconstructed

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