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Sarca Chicago

Part escapism, part aspiration-ism(patent-pending on this –ism), part full on glory of transformation with a single article of material existence, I’d call myself a fashion aficionado.  Freud once said, “All women are clothes fetishes,” and although this determinist view might not apply to everyone, it surely applies to me. On

French Concession Boutique Styles Shanghai

In part, I’ve learned to like Shanghai for its contradictions. On the one hand you can witness the hyper elite business obsessed masses like in any other metropolis, but on the other hand, an untamed counterculture of art types and transients plague the scene. You can easily see huge concrete

l’Elegance in Tianzifang (田子坊) Shanghai

Tianzifang or 田子坊 in Shanghai, China houses a tiny square of art shops and Western restaurants that makes for a quaint walk or relaxed drink in the early evening. It’s near the French concession neighborhood at around Taikang Lu and between Ruijin and Sinan Lu. Although I have eaten here

Ikram Chicago

This decadent deliciousness drizzled to perfection is 4 types of salads available in one dish, offered on the second floor of famed Ikram designer boutique in Chicago. Kale with pine nuts, cous cous with nuts and veggies, and insalata caprese cover the dishes confines, and even in eating a rainbow

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