Snake Charmer

4 Replies to “Snake Charmer”

  1. Karina Ochoa says:

    Cool pic!

  2. Maria (worked with Ana) XOXOX says:

    Hi Addie
    The photos are ALL great!! Love them.
    Suggestion: Since I’m not too familiar with these places, names, etc…would you kindly add a sentence or two providing some background or history? Thanks so much : – )

  3. Hey Maria! Thanks for the suggestions on mentioning some history, will do going forward! For Jaipur, Rajasthan, it makes up the first administrative northern city of India under British rule. From the 1700’s when the maharajas (leaders) worked with the British leaders to organize the region, it became the center of commerce, art, and culture of that time. Today it makes up one of the most culturally rich parts of India for the forts (used as protection from attacks of other region/religion leaders and as the maharajas homes with hundreds of battalions and “entourages”) and textile industries. Like the entourages of Louis the XIV’s court at Versailles, the maharajas lived with their appointed officials and their families, wives, entertainers, and had plenty of space to host celebrations and official ceremonies. The temples I saw were mostly Hindu, the majority in India being Hindu. But India has many Muslims, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, and even Christians as well as other small sects of faiths and doctrines. Very beautiful place to visit in India, the photos just reflect that!

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