Hot Doug’s Chicago or Bust

In case you have 45 minutes to kill, and are feeling in a kitschy mood- grab a meal at Hot Doug’s, a true Chicago must-do! I went here a week or so ago, as I retraced my old Chi-Town stomping grounds. What I found a bit out the ways, northwest

Angkor Wat at Sunset

Schedule worthwhile tours in remote parts of the world (Logistics on Sri Lanka travel)

Although the majestic beauty of world heritage sites in Sri Lanka made my trip here worth it, the choice in tour service almost cancelled out its allure due to an antagonizing and unprofessional car hire. After shopping around for a driver at the B&B, the beach, and even by way

The Commune Social Shanghai

The Social Commune’s clever drink names and understated décor make for a nice intimate night out with friends, with, as always, those caveats that remind you that after all this is still a restaurant located in China. What I didn’t know before, however, is that this place forms the most

What you Love

You know you got a good thing going when someone asks you to work on a Sunday at 9am and you exclaim, “Yes!” I’ve recently scored an awesome internship at the biggest mainland China based modeling company, where to put it politely, they don’t pay me diddly squat. Okay maybe

Sarca Chicago

Part escapism, part aspiration-ism(patent-pending on this –ism), part full on glory of transformation with a single article of material existence, I’d call myself a fashion aficionado.  Freud once said, “All women are clothes fetishes,” and although this determinist view might not apply to everyone, it surely applies to me. On

Just near Outside Shanghai

Most anyone (even locals) can agree that it feels good to get out of Shanghai. Admittedly, I don’t do it often enough. Having just come back from Chicago, I can’t really complain, but before I left, well uuuggghh. Especially at that moment with work, play, and the impending deadline of

French Concession Boutique Styles Shanghai

In part, I’ve learned to like Shanghai for its contradictions. On the one hand you can witness the hyper elite business obsessed masses like in any other metropolis, but on the other hand, an untamed counterculture of art types and transients plague the scene. You can easily see huge concrete

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sigirya in Sri Lanka showcases the grandiose ancient civilization built by King Kashyapa around 400 CE. A skyscraper like boulder in the middle of the island, puts modern architects to shame. Elaborate remnants of the royal palace, gardens, pool, baths and structural buildings stand the test of time on top

Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, like all touristically untapped destinations begs a lot of patience and planning in order to squeeze the most out of what it has to offer. It’s snuggled just below the Southeast coast of India and slightly Northeast of the famed paradise cove known as the Maldives. I visited

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