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Cafe Gray Deluxe: Dope. Drop. Da. Mic.

Cafe Gray Deluxe Belongs to a Hong Kong Hotel Group slash conglomerate of luxury restaurants called The Middle House and here in Shanghai dubbed “The House Collective”. This particular establishment is nestled in the Jing’an area of Shanghai, a specifically affluent and although bustling, quiet and clean area in one

Once upon a time in Tibet

  I ventured to Tibet in November of 2015. The timing was all wrong, but when my best friend in Shanghai invited me, I couldn’t refuse.  This trip marked Rachel’s fourth time in Tibet, and my first. Everyone warned me about two things: the cold and the difficulty in breathing.

Shenzhen to Hong Kong by public transport

Many people’s preferred route on crossing the border from Shenzhen, Guangdong, China into Hong Kong is by public transport. I undertook this route myself, in order to save about 1,000 RMB in airfare, and also to witness first hand the crowds of Chinese, who cross back and forth in order

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