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Grace Chicago

It pays to have friends in high places. And in the restaurant industry, even more so. For my birthday (February 12) this year I wanted to savor the adventurous inklings of none other than Curtis Duffy in his new venture Grace. This culinary inspiration is nestled in the very hip

Haute spirits mixology

Another creative liquid culinary creation from aviary’s haute spirits mixologists. From Chicago to London, the speakeasy has crept up on the social scene. Admittedly, every one wants to pretend we’re living in the 1920’s. Luckily for us this trend pushes the strong pre prohibition preference for full body flavors of bourbon,

The Aviary Chicago

A flash frozen nitrogen concoction from Grant Acahtz zany liquid venture ‘Aviary’ in Chicago’s meat packing district/West loop neighborhood. This is a frozen lemon vodka cocktail with basil, cherry tomatoes and an edible lemon grass swivel stick to stir it to its final liquid conclusion. One could say a deconstructed

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