Patong Beach

You know those crazy wild nights Thailand is so famously slash infamously known for? Patong beach comprises one of its vivacious places of association. Loud, chaotic, and wild, please do proceed with caution. A shot or two of tequila may help too.  Patong beach in Phuket is where the wild things are…and go to play. The bar girls and wild parties produce an energetic atmosphere, only complete with everyone on the strip trying to make a quick buck. Beware the titillating drag queens (locally called “lady-boys”) who will pull you close, force you to snap a photo (with boob in hand mind you!), then won’t let you pull away without coughing up $5!! Also the guy with the iguana, radical tattoos, and piercings everywhere? Yup, he charges a high premium too. Hold on to your senses because this place will not forgive. Patong beach must be experienced at least once, but for some this may be enough. You can find really cheap drink specials everywhere, which is never a bad prospect. But take a cue and go home when your drinking who knows what, out of a giant plastic bucket– and taking pole dancing class from the tiny Thai bar girl about half your weight and size. Be warned: this may cause bruises. As applicable to any place where boundaries are negligible, what happens in Patong beach, stays in Patong beach!! Stay out and play, but always remember to be safe too. Fun, fun, fun always on the run at Patong beach 🙂

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